Videos of our pilots

Some footage of us enjoying the greatest of hobbies.  

Robert Gordon flying his Mojo 60

w/ saito 100

Phil flying his B-17 for the maiden flight in powers

Tail tagging the mini gus with slabs

Shawn Ferrel and a close call landing.


Combat Flying at Beaver Bro 14' in Powers Oregon

Nitro J ringing it out in the wind

Sunday RAW 1-26-2014 FPV Bixler Glider.

Set to 1080p HD and low volume, Full Screen

daTac FPV Flight Crew.

Flying with nitro J and the pro bros at beaver bro

Finally a crash caught on tape!! Sadly it was a nice AT-6 Texan that had too much junk in the trunk. 

Out flying the 60cc yaks


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