SCRCS North Bend Mall Show     * March 7-8, 2015


      Here is a video walk around for those that missed the show.

                       *****Video courtesy of Dave Tacal*****


     1st Place BEST of SHOW                  2nd Place                     3rd-4th Place                         5th place

            Dave Tacal                            Phil Shellabarger               Shaun Ferrell                  Phil Shellabarger

   AH1 Cobra Attack Helicopter          L4 Military Plane    Big YAK / Python BiPlane   C47 Military Plane




                SCRCS North Bend Mall Show     * March 1-2, 2014

                                  *****Photos courtesy of Don Bunyard*****

                                                Click on image to expand

                                                     (Images from 2014)


*****Awards Photos courtesy of John Horn*****

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